B&F Fabricating Inc.
610 East Sauk Trail
Steger, IL 60475

Phone: 708-758-7878
Fax: 708-758-9143
Your call is important to us.
If the person you are trying to reach is out of the office please request a cell phone number.
Joe Piazza
Estimating, Sales, & Project Management.
Grant Liechty
Estimating, Sales, & Project Management.
Joe Villarreal
Rack Estimating, Rack Repair & Maintenance
Jen Bednarek
Administrative Assistant & Purchasing
Jean Bednarek
Office Manager & Accounts Payable
If you need one of our estimators to come take a look at an upcoming project don't hesitate to ask. We will be happy come to your facility or job site!
B&F FABRICATING, INC. PHONE: (708) 758-7878 FAX: (708) 758-9143
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